1880 O Morgan (1878-1921) $1 Choice Fine Details


Product details
Item Weight : 1 Ounces
Date First Available : December 13, 2020

Product description
Inventory Item Number #2,137/H Please Read Carefully before making Your Selection. A Clear photo of the Coin You will Receive is attached to this listing and the grading system is as follows: poor about good good very good very fine choice fine choice fine details choice extremely fine choice about uncirculated choice about uncirculated details choice uncirculated very choice uncirculated very choice uncirculated details nearly choice brilliant uncirculated gem uncirculated nearly superb gem uncirculated superb gem uncirculated The Coin will ship in a Coin flip, Coin Envelope, Bubble Wrapped and in Another Envelope with tracking for Your Convenience. Thank You for taking the Time to Read the Description before making Your selection. I hope You Enjoy the Coin!

1880 O Morgan (1878-1921) $1 Choice Fine Details


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